10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s TV roundup, Xena goes to Pawnee, love is dead on Glee and New Girl‘s Schmidt is the newest of the Romney boys.

1.) Goodnight, sweet Ponds.
For the midseason finale of Doctor Who, we were forced to say goodbye to beloved companions Amy and Rory. My hearts, they break.

2.) Cheer up! Amy Poehler was on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
She was kind enough to play a few rounds of Ask Amy and — no durr doy — was her usual charming self.

3.) Ron gets a love interest on Parks and Rec and it’s none other than Xena‘s own Lucy Lawless.
Bonus perk: Her name isn’t Tammy.

4.) Woman takes forever on The Price Is Right.
Lady, you’re killing Drew Carey.

5.) If you’ve ever wanted to play a drinking game with Rashida Jones and Conan…
Here’s your chance.

6.) Nick Cannon is playing into his wife’s fake feud with Nicki Minaj.
Add Billy Bush to the equation and this whole situation equals a big UGH.

7.) Schmidt tries to get ahead by pretending to be a Romney on New Girl.
Tuggb Romney is my favorite of the Romney boys.

8.) Jenny McCarthy horrifies Stephen Colbert with her worst moment as a Catholic.
It’s all fun and games until someone steals from the collection basket.

9.) Everyone breaks up on Glee — no, seriously. Everyone.
Blaine and Kurt break up because Blaine cheats. Rachel and Finn break up because Finn goes MIA. Santana and Brittany break up because of…something. Can you hear Tumblr crying?

10.) Rebel Wilson and Ellen rap Salt-n-Pepa to an audience of jazzed white ladies.
Remember this?

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