108-Year-Old Woman Throws First Pitch on Her Birthday


In today’s cute news, let’s give it up for Evelyn Jones, who celebrated her 108th anniversary of being alive by throwing out the first pitch at a Seattle Mariners game. She also made history, as Jones is now the oldest person to have thrown the first pitch at a major league game. According to ESPN, the previous record holder was Agnes McKee, who at 105, threw at a San Diego Padres game July of last year.

Jones is a big Mariners fan and never misses a game. When it came time for the ceremonial throw, she was escorted onto the field with her daughter and two of her grandchildren. With a big smile, Jones threw the ball to Felix Hernandez near home plate. The event also marked the 101st anniversary of Babe Ruth’s first major league pitch. As for how she’s kept fit all these years, Jones walked three miles a day until she was 96 years old, only missing Sundays to watch football.

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Image via AP.

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