13-Year-Old Girl Drops C-Bomb On Today


Kayla Manson, charged for her involvement in a schoolmate’s violent beating of a 15-year-old girl over text messages, this morning explained to the world that she’s not a bad person. She also described the texts, which involved the word “cunt.”

Oops, she dropped it twice — but hey, if you’re going to go “cunt” on television, go big! And, um, props to her for being thorough in her television testimony?

Note: This is not the first time morning-television viewers have had their delicate sensibilities assaulted in such a manner. In 2008, Jane Fonda was similarly graphic on Today, saying “cunt” on while discussing feminism and The Vagina Monologues (there’s a piece called “Reclaiming Cunt”). And, in Fonda’s defense, she only said it once.

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