15 Questionable Things That Whoopi Defended


This week, Whoopi Goldberg defended Mel Gibson’s racism. While sitting home “trying to find stuff to do,” as she puts it, we discovered that she’s defended a lot of — how shall we say — unexpected things in her time.

15. She defended 8-year-old girls performing “Single Ladies” at a dance competition.

14) She defended Jesse James.

13) She defended Senator Harry Reid using the word “negro.”

12) She defended Tiger Woods.

11) She defended David Letterman.

10) She defended Roman Polanski.

9) She defended Cookie Monster.

8) She defended Michael Jackson.

7) She defended moon landing deniers.

6) She defended herself, against Glenn Beck.

5) She defended Michael Phelps for smoking pot.

4) She defended Christian Bale’s rant.

3) She defended Wesley Snipes, who she claims was sentenced to three years in jail to “set and example” after he failed to pay his taxes for five years.

2) She defended Michael Vick. (On her first day co-hosting The View!)

1) She defended Ted Danson, for appearing in blackface at a 1993 Friars Club roast in her honor.

Whoopi Goldberg: “Snipes Is A Victim” [WENN]
Whoopi Goldberg Defends Ted Danson’s Blackface Act At Friars Club Roast [Jet]

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