16 And Pregnant: Twins!


On last night’s episode, high school cheerleader Leah became pregnant with twins by a “rebound guy” she’d only been dating for a month. The couple decided to try to make it work, but her feelings for her ex-boyfriend interfered.

Leah was with her high school boyfriend, Robbie, for a few years. They broke up and she began seeing Corey, whom she later refers to as a “rebound guy.” She had previously been getting shots of Depo-Provera, but when they broke up, she missed one of her shots. “Turns out, you can’t do that,” she says in a voice over. Then they found out they were having twins. It seems like they invented their own spellings of the names they chose.

I know that teen pregnancy and everything is a serious issue, and doubly serious when it’s twins, but I could not stop focusing on Leah’s hair, and the fact that it’s curly in the back, and straight in the front. I was so glad that the editors left in a segment where we see that this—unlike her pregnancy—is intentional.

Before the twins were born, Leah and Corey moved into an apartment together. As she was unpacking, she found a bunch of old stuff from grade school, like an essay she wrote about how she wanted to grow up and go to college. As she was reading it, she sort of laughed it off, like, “I can’t believe I used to have a pipe dream like that,” which makes it about 10 times sadder.

After the twins were born, Leah returned to school, where she started seeing her ex-boyfriend Robbie again. They began hanging out in group settings, and a flirtation began, as she became seduced by the carefree time in her life when she was with him. She invited Robbie over to her mother’s house to see her twins, and was somehow surprised when he began “acting weird” and subsequently became disinterested in her.

Unfortunately, Leah had already started to break things off with Corey, and by the time that she realized she’d made a horrible mistake, Corey had moved on, specifically, to a date with another girl at McDonald’s. She learned about this in the parking lot at the strip mall where she was getting her nails done.

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