49er Colin Kaepernick Cleared in Miami Sexual Investigation


San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick was cleared in the sexual investigation spearheaded by the Miami-Dade state attorney’s office on Thursday. His teammate Quinton Patton along with Seattle Seahawk wideout Ricardo Lockette were also cleared.

As we reported in April, a woman told police she went to Kaepernick’s apartment at the Viceroy Hotel where she smoked weed and drank alcohol with he and his fellow athletes. She began to feel light-headed and went to lie down in Kaepernick’s bed, and eventually woke up in the hospital. She said she had no idea how she arrived.

After a two-month investigation by Miami police, according to the Miami Herald, detectives found that marijuana was in the woman’s system and she did not have intercourse with Kaepernick, Patton or Lockette that night. She was also incoherent and “screaming incoherently about Jesus and devils.”

A rape test came back negative and video from the hotel showed nothing out of the ordinary. Witnesses recalled the woman wandering about the apartment naked, telling other women there they had to leave for their own safety.
The investigation also found that she met Kaepernick in Atlanta about a year earlier, where the two had a sexual relationship. Afterward, she followed him on social media and when she learned he was going to be in Miami, she showed up at his apartment.

Kaepernick, who tweeted his innocence before, took to social media again this week.

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