5 Seconds of Summer Pull Adorable Prank on Target Shoppers


The adorable rapscallions of 5 Seconds of Summer donned Target uniforms to try and drum up interest in their album from their “target” audience, middle-aged men.

Before all of the pedantic blog over-obsessives go nuts trying to point out that 5 Seconds of Summer’s “target” audience is not middle-aged men, let me remind everyone that this is a prank (SEE ALSO: JOKE). The band hit up Target to try and get as many customers to love them as much as everyone else does. Via Idolator:

The band’s mission, according to drummer Ashton Irwin: “We’re going to be pretty much trying to sell our album to middle-aged men.” Ultimately, 5 Seconds of Summer ended up aiming for a broader audience. The band dropped CDs into random carts. Guitarist Michael Clifford “helped” another customer search for microwaves by mentioning that they were likely by the CDs. Fellow guitarist Luke Hemmings told one customer that he smelled nice, before he placed a CD next to a child sitting at the DVDs section. (She pushed it away.)

Here’s how they put it on their YouTube page:

having some fun as Target employees and trying to get people to buy our album ! haha x #5sosTargetEmployeesOfTheMonth

I want to take them all home and make them soup. What does that say about me, exactly?

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