9-Year-Old Girl Is Somehow Considered A Style Icon


The child in question is one Sasha Obama, and her influence extends beyond just kids.

Writes the Daily Beast’s Isabel Wilkinson,

Fashion experts say Sasha’s mixing and matching of layers and accessories is chiefly inspired by Michelle. “I suspect her fashion choices are basically picked by her mother-but of course most 9 year olds have their own feelings about these things,” says children’s fashion designer Lucy Sykes Rellie. “Certainly you can see her mom’s breezy confidence in the way Sasha carries herself.” Mary Tomer, who writes about Michelle Obama‘s style on the popular blog Mrs. O., says that whenever she posts about Sasha, she sees an overwhelmingly positive response from readers. “A lot of women who admire Michelle Obama’s style also have children themselves, so they’re wondering where the Obama daughters are getting their clothes.”

While in a perfect world, no child’s clothing choices would be scrutinized — either negatively or positively — Wilkinson makes the salient point that, in a world where there are increasingly few age-appropriate child-style role-models, Sasha Obama is a wholesome alternative to the Noah Cyrus set. But at the same time, the components she’s praising — eclectic affordability – sound like, well, kids’ clothes. It’s too bad that normalcy has to be the exception — and that should the Obama girls want to do any sartorial experimentation, they’d better do it in private.

Sasha Obama: Style Icon [Daily Beast]

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