A 16-Year-Old Carrie-Samantha Hybrid Crashed Her Car Into Kim Cattrall's House


In a move that echoes both Carrie Bradshaw’s struggles with driving and Samantha Jones’s habit of destroying homes she doesn’t own, a 16-year-old girl reportedly plowed her Suzuki SUV right into Kim Cattrall’s home in British Columbia. Based on Cattrall’s tweets about the incident, no one was injured in the crash—which is good to know, as that would have just made her a Carrie, straight up.

The incident and potential subplot for Sex and the City 3 occurred Tuesday morning at around 1:00am, and Cattrall tweeted about the incident on Thursday.

Though a photo of the damage she sent to Mothers Against Drunk Driving remains on her Twitter page, a tweet quoted by several media outlets in which she accuses the teen driver of being intoxicated at the time has since been removed. In it, Cattrall reportedly wrote:

She was ‘Joy Riding’ with her drinking pals and is now free to drive around today without any restrictions.

Vancouver Island never knew such a hullaballoo.

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Image via Giphy.

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