A Disturbingly Thorough Analysis Of Sarah Palin On DWTS


Sarah Palin appeared on DWTS last night in a familiar role: Trying to get votes. But could her involvement—which brought boos from the studio audience—drag down Bristol like it did McCain? We take a frame-by-frame look.

Sarah was absent during last week’s premiere. Could that have been a calculated move to ensure that voters would keep Bristol in the competition in the hopes that the onetime governor would eventually show up? If so, it worked. But is she that smart? What else is she thinking?

Last week, Bristol gave us the gif that keeps on giving when she shook her tits at the camera while dressed as her mother.

This week, Bristol brought her dancing partner to Alaska to meet her family, which is when Sarah took a stab at a shimmy.

It was a special trip, indeed. Bristol could barely contain herself.

While Jennifer Grey was being interviewed after her performance, everyone was confused for a moment as the studio audience began booing. And then it all made sense when the camera switched to Tom Bergeron interviewing Sarah Palin.

At first she seemed peeved.

But she got over it. In keeping with the whole “my mama said…” theme, Bristol danced to “You Can’t Hurry Love.”

And while last week we were treated to an up-close-and-personal shot of her swinging boobs, this week, it was her ass.

After she was done, Sarah showed the crowd that she has some moves of her own.

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