A Grueling Month of Kayleigh McEnany


Though it seems like she’s been at it for years, Kayleigh McEnany gave her first White House press briefing just one month ago, and the Trump administration’s fourth press secretary is already living up to the legacy of her less-than-truthful predecessors.

Despite telling reporters, “I will never lie to you” during her first stint at the podium, McEnany quickly reneged on her promise. In her first month of briefings, McEnany has pushed the misleading notion that the FBI set-up Michael Flynn, called the accusations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh “verifiably false,” and argued that mail-in voting is more prone to fraud (despite voting by mail many times herself).

In true Trumpian fashion, McEnany has also shown herself to be a master of deflection, undergoing impressive feats of logical gymnastics to distract from giving the public any concrete information. In one shining example, rather than answer direct questions about the current administration, she presented reporters at the White House with a list of questions she would like for them to ask Obama’s press person about Trump’s “Obamagate” conspiracy. (News flash: the conspiracy does not exist.)

Watch the video above for a taste of how agonizing a McEnany press briefing can be, even though we’re only getting started.

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