A Wedding Gown For The Birds • New Moms Using HIV Drug To Stop Lactating

• If you’re getting married and have a spare $1.5 million, why not walk down this aisle in this wedding dress made with peacock tail feathers? •

• Cabergoline, a drug that makes women stop producing breast milk, is usually prescribed to women with HIV, but now, women are reportedly taking it for “social reasons” like wanting to return to work or not wanting the shape of their breasts to change. • A Toronto judge has ruled that a mother is using her breastfeeding schedule to keep the father of her 29-month-old daughter from seeing his child. The father says if the mother used a breast pump and gave him milk, he’d be willing to keep up with the feeding schedule. • A British sheep named Dolly has given birth to sextuplets. Sheep usually give birth to only two or three lambs at a time. Now Dolly’s owners are hand-feeding the lambs because she doesn’t have enough teats for all six. • China has moved the last six pandas still living in the Wolong Panda Breeding Center to another breeding facility. The preserve was badly damaged in last year’s earthquake. • This Japanese potty training video shows a talking animated toilet bowl and dancing poop and pee with faces. • Residents in Melbourne, Florida are complaining because a church is holding a three-week program of “Great Sex For You” sermons in the auditorium of the local elementary school. • Voters in the Appenzell Inner Rhodes region of the Swiss Alps voted to ban naked hiking after dozens of German nudists started hiking through the region. Violators will be fined. • Eight-year-old Texas girl, Emma Hicks, steered her grandmother’s SUV off the road after her grandmother had a seizure, saving both of their lives. • New U.S. Census data shows that in 2007 black college graduates made only 78 percent of the salary for comparably educated whites, which is the biggest disparity in pay between whites and blacks since 2001. • A grand jury has indicted two New York City police officers for allegedly raping a woman after they escorted her from a taxicab to her apartment while she was drunk. • New research shows children who are firstborn, breech or whose mothers are 35 or older have a significantly greater risk of having autism. • A British woman has been locked up until May 5 for violating a court order prohibiting her from having noisy sex. • Researchers have identified an area of the human genome that may contribute to the development of pelvic floor disorders like pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence, which will affect one-third of all U.S. women at some point in their lives. • Drinking diet soda may reduce the risk of forming kidney stones. Researchers found the citrate and malate content in many diet sodas may be enough to inhibit the development of calcium stones. • Cosmopolitan‘s new executive editor Nicole Beland has enraged Catholic League president William Donohue by writing about a sexually repressed woman, “It’s not easy to undo damage caused by years of exposure to Catholic-school nuns or overly conservative parents.” Donohue says, “It would never occur to Beland that a woman who is sexually repressed might have been molested growing up … No, for Beland it is empirically obvious that Sister Mary Alice did it.” Really? That’s the most offensive thing he found in Cosmo? •

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