Absolute Proof That Jen And Gerry Are In Love Forever


As if seeing Gerard Butler‘s finger in Jennifer Aniston’s butt weren’t all the evidence you needed, Architectural Digest CONFIRMS their love. Implicitly, anyhow.

Jen appeared on the cover of AD for their March issue; now, just two hot months later, Gerard is gracing the May cover. Coincidence? Hardly!* In fact, the magazine just proves these two lovebirds are devoted to one another, with Gerard behind her every step of the way.

Gerard’s cover that really makes the case. You’ll note his cover has pink accents. Pink? For Gerard Butler? Huh. WAIT. Didn’t Jen just wear a pink dress the other night, to much consternation? Indeed! By appearing surrounded by pink, Gerard is sending the world a message: He will love and support Jen no matter what she wears. And look at how he’s sitting: He is wide open and ready for Jen, whether she wants to snuggle on his lap or dive into his love.

But their passion goes deeper than that, because they have so much in common! Like the special bond of entryways: Jen’s home welcomes visitors with “dramatic 14-foot doors.” Gerard’s? “Thirteen-foot-tall mahogany doors with a knocker that could summon the dead.” Yes, they’re both major door people. An opening door symbolizes new opportunities, and their shared embrace of intense doors signifies that they are both opening themselves to the intensity undying love. It was meant to be. Open those doors, Jen, and your house will be empty no more!

*Don’t try to argue that Gerard’s cover is timed with the release of The Bounty Hunter. We are uninterested in anything resembling reasonable analysis.

Jerard Butler Covers ‘Architectural Digest’ [Just Jared]

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