Activists Crushed In Cube For Women's Rights • Mothers Arrested For Trying To Birth Baby Hitlers

• Last Sunday an art installation featuring 20 female performers inside a Plexiglas cube was set up outside St. Mark’s Church. The piece is designed to raise awareness about women’s issues in North Korea. •

• A new study has linked the height of mothers to the risk of death among young children in India. Researchers report that children born to short women were 70 percent more likely to die before the age of 5. • According to the Journal of Consumer Research people are more likely to chose high fat options from a menu that also contains diet foods than one that is strictly high-calorie treats. • Researchers have found that walnuts may be the best thing to eat if you want to reduce your chances of getting breast cancer. • Numbers of wild grazing animals in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve have fallen substantially in the past 15 years, according to a new report. Researchers cite competition with human settlements as the reason for this sad news. • Casey Anthony’s parents told the Early Show this morning that they believe their daughter is innocent, and they don’t think Casey should accept a plea deal. • Police say that a mother from White Plains, NY, stopped her car in the business district, and ordered her two daughters, ages 10 and 12, to get out, and drove away. • After requesting suggestions from the public, the Columbus Ohio Zoo has received 9,000 name submissions for their new baby elephant. Popular choices include Barack, Obama, Dumbo, Peanut, and Jack. • From the New York Times comes this new bit of celebrity vocab: The Brando Problem: “the case of a major public figure who dies and leaves behind a potent if contradictory image and no clear commercial legacy.” • St. David’s, a prestigious 300-year-old girls school in Britain, has announced that its closing, due to the faltering economy. • Two mothers/gang members from Southern California have been placed under arrest for attempting to induce labor in order to have their children born on April 20th, Hitler’s birthday. • A new study has found that sexual harassment from males can prevent female bonding – at least among fish. • Saved by the bra: a 57-year-old woman escaped serious injury when a bullet fired at her from next door hit the underwire in her bra. • Baghdad is experiencing a bit of a wedding boom, as couples who had previously put their lives on hold try to make up for lost time. • A non-profit organization called “Buzzfree Prom” has pulled one of its ads after receiving complaints over its homophobic content. • A new study suggests that divorce is not entirely acceptable in American culture – it may be tolerated, but many still feel that divorce is somehow morally ambiguous. • There’s been another Craigslist-related attack, this time in Tacoma, WA. A mother and her son were attacked by a hammer-wielding man, who lured them to his apartment by posting a listing for a used car. • Karen Burns, author of a book of advice for the “working girl,” suggests that the reason women are paid less then men is because we are not focused enough. She advises women to “juggle less, focus more.” • KMSP Fox 9 in the Twin Cities has canceled its plans for a segment on child abduction, which would have featured a reporter driving around in a van and asking children for directions.Nadja Benaissa, the German pop star accused of recklessly spreading HIV, has been released from police custody.

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