Adam Sandler Is My Dirtbag Fashion Inspo 


I first realized how much I admired Adam Sandler’s fashion choices when I saw him on Jimmy Fallon wearing a Hofstra t-shirt. “My alma mater!” I thought. “He must’ve studied there as well!” I was wrong, and would soon realize that Sandler either opts for college tees and polo shirts daily, or it’s all he has in his closet.

Although I was a commuter in college, I’ve heard that one of the best parts of living on campus is rolling out of bed and going to class with the clothes on your back. That often meant seeing people strolling into chemistry class in sweats, disheveled hair, a tee or whatever shirt was sitting on their chair, and sneakers (if they were feeling fancy). All of the above is what constitutes Sandler’s official lewk. Which honestly sounds like the dream if you want to give off IDGAF vibes, and you actually do not give a fuck.

I was recently reminded of how great Sandler’s style is when a few of us were talking about who came to mind when thinking about the “worst dressed” celebrity. A co-worker (who will remain unnamed) said Beyoncé. For me? Adam Sandler. But, before you start attacking me in the comments, know that I’m actually an avid supporter of all of Sandler’s movies (or at least two to three of them), including, but not limited to, 50 First Dates which includes this scene that always makes me laugh and cry simultaneously…and also happens to feature Sandler in his IRL uniform:

That being said, I am somewhat baffled at the fact that a man who is reportedly worth almost $400 million has remained so faithful to his basic wardrobe. But, he has! Sandler, 51, has been acting since he was in his early twenties—kicking off his career on MTV and Saturday Night Live. Since the early days, he’s stuck to plain tees and polo shirts, with a few graphic tees and long-sleeves here and there with the exception of red carpets, for which he will wear a suit or tux (likely by request of his wife Jackie). The lesson here is: stay true to your brand. Even if that means being worst-dressed.

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