Adele Gets Slimmed Down In Vogue


As you know, Vogue styled singer Adele for the Grammy awards. The accompanying story (in the “Shape” issue, of course) is online, and it’s interesting how the fashion mag deals with the plus-sized beauty:

She is photographed by Annie Leibovitz (duh), wearing black and lying on a bed. Her body is contorted so that she is creating a shape; that way, you can’t see what her actual shape is. Her hand partially covers her face, perhaps to downplay its roundness? And who knows what kind of Photoshop went on. In any case, she certainly doesn’t look like this:

As for the words, writer Hamish Bowles calls her “voluptuous.” Fair enough. The first paragraph focuses mainly on her hair and eyes — safe spots on a larger woman? — though Bowles does allow that Adele’s complexion is “peaches-and-cream.”

The story makes it clear that the singer herself has few qualms about the way she looks: “I don’t like my arms-my upper arms,” she says. “It’s the only feature I don’t like about myself. I used to wear minidresses with jeans, but I get my legs out now.” She also says: “Fans are encouraged that I’m not a size 0-that you don’t have to look a certain way to do well.”

The piece also mentions that Adele smokes Marlboro Lights “ceaselessly.” And yes, Bowles discusses her music, how she started and who she is influenced by, in detail. But somehow, the piece ends with food:

After the ceremony, she skips the Woodstock-themed official Grammy after-party and what promises to be the achingly cool after-after-party that Coldplay have told her about down in Santa Monica. Instead she repairs to an In-N-Out Burger on Venice Boulevard. Her publicist Benny Tarantini takes the order. “Maybe I should get two milkshakes,” she says, laughing. “To match me Grammys!

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