Adele Knows She’ll Have to Sing ‘Hello’ for the Rest of Her Days

"It would be weird if I sang it in the middle of a set," she told Oprah on Sunday.

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Adele Knows She’ll Have to Sing ‘Hello’ for the Rest of Her Days
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On Sunday night, Adele emerged from the chrysalis of divorce as a fully realized single butterfly performing for a one-night-only special in an arena full of her closes friends. Including her new BFF, Oprah. The special aptly titled Adele One Night Only featured an in-depth interview with Oprah where the singer covered everything from her new boo, Rich Paul, to co-parenting with her ex-husband. Imagine being Adele’s ex-husband (or Jake Gyllenhaal) during this particular point in history.

While the Oprah interview was vast in scope as all of her interviews are, the part that really stuck with me — which had nothing to do with weight loss or emotional well-being — was a short exchange between the two women about the song “Hello.” Oprah comments on the song being the opening number for the show and Adele’s response is incredibly logical: “I think I’ll have to open every show with that you know, it would be weird to drop that in the middle of a set.”

This is insignificant in the larger conversation of Adele’s new album and rebirth, yet it’s not because no matter what she does or where she goes, “Hello” will always be the song that defines her. It’s an inescapable calling card. Were I interviewing Adele, I would have spent the next hour trying to dissect her feelings on that new reality. We probably would have never gotten to all of the other things going on in her life. Would it have been a boring interview? Maybe! But we would have unearthed her true unfiltered feelings about “Hello” and that is something worth investigating.

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