Adorable Dog BFFs Are Reunited After Not-Adorable Kidnapping


Edith and Archie, both 12-years-old, were recently placed in a no-kill animal shelter in Brooklyn when their owner entered a nursing home. They were always by each other’s side, until last week when someone stole Edith from the shelter.

Anna Jane Grossman reported on that after asking about adopting a dog from the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition, a woman snatched Edith when a shelter employee turned his back. Grossman wrote:

“He won’t eat without her. They did everything together. They wouldn’t even want to go on walks without each other,” BARC’s vice president, Vinnie Spinola, told me. “I don’t know why someone would do this. Maybe she only liked the one and didn’t want the other one. But Archie is very, very depressed.”

Thankfully, after reviewing surveillance videos, police were able to apprehend the woman, who has a history of stealing dogs. Spinola says:

They wouldn’t eat without each other. Neither had eaten anything in twenty-four hours, so the first thing they did was share a bowl of food…Then they just played and have been enjoying each other’s company ever since.

Both dogs are still up for adoption, so if you’re interested in giving them a good home, call BARC at 718-486-7489.

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