Adorable Little Kids Teach Body Acceptance in PSA


Why do kids have to be so damn adorable and uncorrupted by society’s stupid, unrealistic standards? This video PSA asks 50 people what they’d change about their bodies. And while the adults were predictably self-critical, the kids said they’d want stuff like superpowers and wings.

“I like my body, actually!” said one giggly girl. Mashable writes:

Most of the adults in the video detailed physical flaws, such as forehead size and height. But the children were stumped. After several moments of pondering, many kids gave creative (and frankly, awesome) responses, like mermaids’ tails and a sharks’ mouths.

At the end, an older woman talks about being comfortable with her gray hair and wrinkles, so it’s not just about kids. Point taken, though the whole thing is a bit overdramatic (and it’s sponsored by a skincare line). Debbie Downer: The reality is that these little humans will probably change their perspectives in about five or six years.

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