Adorable Newscaster Cries On Air During Surprise Sharon Van Etten Set


It turns out that Sharon Van Etten’s #1 fan is a middle-aged newscaster from New Zealand named John Campbell, and I don’t know if anyone in the history of music fandom has been cuter.

When Campbell couldn’t make her show in Auckland, his friends at Campbell Live arranged for Van Etten to play a set on-air. At first “slightly bewildered,” the newscaster then spotted Van Etten on the feed, started giggling in disbelief, and repeated: “That’s Sharon Van Etten. That’s Sharon Van Etten.” He’d had no idea his coworkers knew how much he loved her, sputtering, “It was just my secret passion!”

“I just, I ah, I just love her music,” he said, trying to pull himself together. As the singer-songwriter began to play “Tarifa,” a heartbreaker from her recent album Are We There, he whispered: “I’m a bit overwhelmed by this.” John, please stop crying, you’re making me cry.

Watch the full video here.

Image via Getty

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