Adorable Sloths Poised For World Takeover With New Animal Planet Show


For those of you who still sit in front of the television set every night and weep at the loss of Meerkat Manor, I have something to say to you. Get up. Dry your tears. Because Meet the Sloths debuts today on Animal Planet.

First of all, it’s good to see Animal Planet returning to serious, important documentary work and away from some of the insane crap they’ve been dabbling in over the past few years. Second of all I WANT TO MEET ALL THE SLOTHS AHHHHHH OMGHAHHDDD! Look at them! Look at them, you guise:

From The New York Times:

The eight-part “Meet the Sloths,” starting on Saturday morning, introduces some of the more than 150 animals at a sanctuary for injured and orphaned sloths in Costa Rica, investing them with humanlike personalities and small dramas. And, if you enjoy having unusual creatures inhabit your television, this could be a good month for you: “Meet the Sloths” is the first part of an accidental animal trifecta that will also give parrots and penguins some TV exposure in the next two weeks. Prepare for an emotional roller coaster that begins at endearing, dips to dismaying and finishes at ridiculous.

The series premier focuses on Buttercup (!!!), who has been lording over the rest of the slots in their sanctuary for the past 20 years. Queen Buttercup! All hail Queen Buttercup, you guise!

I will be intently recapping every episode of Meet the Sloths for my blog, “People Who Freak Out and Squeal Every Single Time They See A Sloth.” Please follow along if you are so inclined.

A full schedule of upcoming episode showings is here, along with directions on how to completely own my heart. (I love you, Queen Buttercup!)

Image via Shutterstock

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