Adorable Young People Make High School Look Like Fun!


If high school was like the 14th Annual Gen Art Film Festival at, NYC’s 7 For All Mankind, and everyone had perfect skin and looked adorable, even the “outsiders”…well, we’d still be miserable!

The Good:

I hate the myth that jeans are so easy and sexy and cool, when it’s just people like Mizuo Peck who make it look that way!

Laura Breckenridge looks so cute and sweet, it’s hard to believe she slept with Dan Humphrey!

One time my friend said, “Does Lance Reddick‘s obvious dance training impinge on the believability of Colonel Daniels?” I was like, “Wha? No.” Good story, though.

Sara Ziff looks like the effortlessly cool, artistic girl in high school who you think is so awesome until she’s on your team for a project and it’s impossible to get her on the phone and so you do her part just to make sure it gets in on time.

Could Jasika Nicole be any cuter? Dig the pose!

Chrishell Stause probably feels a little overdressed; but she looks lovely!

The Bad:

I’m sure there’s a very good reason why Stevi Perry is sporting her sash…as to the shoes? Not as sure.

Louisa Krause is ready for a shootout…or 80’s Greenwich?

I don’t want to criticize Rory Culkin’s typical boy getup too much; I’m sure he’s got his mom for that. (Okay, maybe not, but you know what I mean.)

[Images via Getty]

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