After Waiting 80 Years, 99-Year-Old Grandma Gets High School Diploma


A 99-year-old Iowa woman who dropped out of high school over 80 years ago despite needing only a single credit to graduate has just received her diploma. Oh, sorry, I seem to have gotten something in my eye (that thing is a human tear, formed in the crucible of admiration, whimsy and delight).

Audrey Crabtree — grandmother of five, recent honorary high school graduate, and recipient of the Callie Beusman Award for Most Outstanding Grandma Name — was given her diploma in a special ceremony at Waterloo East High School. “And I feel so much smarter,” said Crabtree wryly as she grasped the slip of paper.

When Crabtree was a senior in high school, she was forced to miss several days of school because of a swimming and diving accident; she was also occupied caring for her sick grandmother. Instead of re-doing her entire senior year, she opted to marry her first husband and start a family. The two later opened a flower shop called Flowers By Audrey, which she operated for 28 years (AUDREY CRABTREE, YOU ARE A MAGNIFICENT WOMAN) — but Crabtree told her family that her one regret was never getting her high school diploma.

So her daughter contacted the Waterloo Community Schools and helped arrange the diploma ceremony. After Crabtree received her diploma, middle school students presented her with over 100 handwritten cards stating that she’s an inspiration. In an interview with MSN, Crabtree said, “I don’t feel worthy… I’m having a hard time keeping my tears back.” I’m with you, Audrey. I am with you.

“99-year-old Iowa woman gets high school diploma” [AP]
Image via MSN.

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