Alec Baldwin Has Some Predictably Bad Opinions on the College Admissions Scandal

Alec Baldwin Has Some Predictably Bad Opinions on the College Admissions Scandal

Alec Baldwin, a man who made a career comeback by being very good at playing petulant, tone-deaf, wealthy men, seems to have some sort of gossip column calendar that gives him yearly reminders to show the world that he is also all of those things in real life.

His latest bad opinion is that wealthy people only go to jail because poors are jealous of them, tweeting that he does not believe “anyone involved in the college fraud cases should go to prison. That includes past cases as well.”

He means Felicity Huffman, who is currently serving a mere 14 days for paying to change her daughter’s SAT scores, as well as Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, who allegedly paid half a million dollars for their daughters’ college admissions. Many other less famous but still very wealthy people have also been charged with paying to take college spots from deserving students in order to buy undeserving students spots they did not earn. Baldwin apparently believes that a few hours having the paparazzi photograph them doing charity work ought to be enough to teach these folks a lesson, but the real lesson is that we should stop criticizing rich people:

“Community service is better,” he wrote in response to commenters pointing out that bribery is actually illegal in America and has been for quite some time. “The demonization of wealth in this country is mind blowing. A country built on both freedoms and commerce. Now, all success is scrutinized. Merely to succeed, especially financially, invites scrutiny, judgment, abuse.”

Huh, here I thought it was the crime that invited judgment, but I apparently do not know as much about the history of being rich in America as Alec Baldwin, income inequality historian-at-large. [Page Six]

Demi Lovato’s Snapchat was hacked. Nudes that have not been confirmed as belonging to Lovato were then published to the account along with links to a Discord server promising more nudes. The group of hackers allegedly behind the theft call themselves the Chuckling Squad and may be responsible for similar incidents involving Jack Dorsey and Chloë Grace Mortez. The internet remains absolutely fucking rotten. [Page Six]

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