All The Criticisms We Have About Bella Hadid's Disturbingly Perfect Fridge


Model Bella Hadid is keeping the Hadid family tradition of having an insane fridge alive.

Yesterday Hadid posted some photos of her fridge (or her and the Weeknd’s fridge, since they’ve reportedly just moved in together) on her Instagram story. “I walk downstairs sometimes just [to] look at our fridge,” she wrote, over a freakishly perfect photo of a glass-doored fridge brimming with healthy juices, cold brew, and what the Jezebel staff has estimated must be $100 worth of berries, at minimum, assuming they’re organic.

It looks like a nice stock of snacks, if you’re Patrick Bateman that is. And so we have some light criticisms concerning Hadid’s fridge, despite its impeccable organization.

  • Why are you putting peanut butter in the fridge? Cold peanut butter is bad.
  • Why are there no leftovers?
  • Siggi’s is disgusting.
  • Bella, babe, we know you’re a model, but this is a fridge full of appetizers and beverages. Unless you eat an upscale Lunchable everyday, which you very well could BE, we want to know where the real food is.
  • Why has nothing in the fridge been opened?
  • Get a water bottle!!!
  • Are you really gonna go through all those berries?
  • Similarly, you’re supposed to drink those pressed juices you have stocked within six days of buying them. Keep your eye on them.
  • Also, the crisper is typically used for keeping vegetables, well, crispy, considering the section is sealed off, yet you’re using it for what appears to be cheese, apples and a few cucumbers. Seems incorrect, just saying.
  • How much do you pay the person who stocks their fridge and can I have that job?
  • Okay but what does The Weeknd eat?

We do, however, approve of the Laughing Cow cheese. That cheese is really good.

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