All the Questions I Have About the Final Season of Game of Thrones Based on This 6 Second Promo


HBO dropped a promo for its upcoming programming slate during the Golden Globes, and it included a FULL SIX SECONDS of Game of Thrones footage. The series’ final six episodes start airing sometime in April, but for now, all we have is a shot of Daenerys Targaryen in Winterfell. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

Sansa Stark’s ostensible first meeting with the Mother of Dragons is rife with icy once-overs and…some…kind…of…tension, and now I have nothing but wild speculation. Strap in, kids, and note that there may be some spoilers for Seasons One through 7 below if you’re not caught up (but fucking get on it already, you’ve had like a decade):

1. Do Dany and Jon Snow keep boning?

2. Do they get married?

3. Do they find out THEY ARE RELATED?

4. Do they vomit on each other when they find out THEY ARE RELATED?

5. Does Sansa bone Dany?

6. Does Sansa kill Dany?

7. Does Brienne kill Sansa?

8. Do Brienne and Jamie bone?

9. Does Jamie kill Brienne?

10. Does Tyrion kill Jamie?

8. Does Cersei kill Tyrion?

9. Does Arya kill Cersei?

10. Does Jon kill Arya?

11. Do the White Walkers kill Jon?

12. Does the dragon kill the White Walkers?

13. What about Bran, has the show killed him off yet? Truly, I cannot remember, nor do I care.

14. Who kills Samwell Tarly, can it be me?

15. Will Jorah Mormont ever find love? Will that love then kill him?

I plan to spend the next three months turning these questions into a Bingo board, and if I hit four in a row in the next season’s first two episodes, I demand you all send me presents.

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