Amanda Bynes Allegedly Scratches Fan at Nightclub

A woman who was taking photos of Amanda Bynes at a New York nightclub alleges that the actress attacked her and left nail marks on her skin.

According to reports, Bynes was dancing by herself at the Gilded Lily when people began to gather and take photos of her. After repeatedly asking them to stop and having her requests ignored, she lashed out a woman who later sent snapshots of some minor scratches — supposedly caused by Bynes — to TMZ.

Let’s break this down real quick: A crowd of people were harassing a girl who was trying to chill out at a club, the girl told them to back the fuck off, they didn’t and some lady who was probably being super obnoxious ended up getting clawed. I don’t know about you, but I am firmly Team Bynes on this one.

The woman who was injured will not be pressing charges.

Image via the AP.

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