Amber Rose Is Coping With Divorce By Listening to Limp Bizkit


As proof that literally everyone deals with their post-break-up furor by listening to fratty rap-rock, on Wednesday, a newly single Amber Rose posted the following on her Insta:

For those unfamiliar, the song is about being hurt by someone and rueing the day you ever met them (maybe because they are allegedly cheating on you with twins?!), as channeled through dramatic power-riffs and Fred Durst’s emotional rapping. We’ve all been there, maybe even with this exact same song. The heartening thing about this American tragedy, though, is that Amber’s choice of music leads us to believe she’s gonna be juuuuuust fine. She just needs to punch a pillow, maybe drive around with the speakers on blast, and scream along. “DEPENDING ON YOU IS DONE!”

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