Amy Sedaris Takes on the Vagina in This At Home With Amy Sedaris Clip


Few people other than Amy Sedaris could look directly into camera and deliver these two words with such gravitas: “The vagina.” Then again, few people would.

The above new clip, which Jezebel is debuting here, comes from Tuesday’s episode of the mostly satirical, sometimes quite practical At Home with Amy Sedaris. This week’s show is devoted to “the most difficult craft: making love,” and in the segment above, Sedaris shows you around a vagina modeled in construction paper, while rattling off absurdities: “The average vagina has a closing impact of now more than 30 pounds, per square inch—far less than a snapping turtle!”; “Before the mid-1980s, we didn’t even know the clitoris existed. Until that time it was considered by most gynecologists to be a third tonsil.” Can you imagine how much more fun the world would be if all misinformation were this funny, obvious, and well crafted?

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