And the Hits Keep Coming From Rudy Giuliani's Star Witness

And the Hits Keep Coming From Rudy Giuliani's Star Witness
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Of all the bit characters that 2020 has brought us, there is none with a story arc messier than that of Melissa Carone, Rudy Giuliani’s star witness in the Trump campaign’s laughable efforts to discredit the election results in Michigan.

After Carone’s truly incredible and belligerent testimony in front of the Michigan House of Representatives last week, during which she parroted some bizarre and unfounded claims about election fraud, we learned some eye-opening facts about Carone—namely, that she had until recently been on probation after being accused of sending videos of herself and her fiancé having sex to her fiancé’s ex-wife, with the goal of sending his ex-wife “over the top.”

One would think that an IT professional and a “certified ethical hacker,” which Carone claims to be on her LinkedIn page, would be able to cover her digital tracks a little better! But perhaps her ineptitude is explained by these latest revelations about Carone—she has also seemingly lied about her educational credentials and work history. I am shocked, I am stunned, I can’t believe it!

More, from the Washington Post:

Other claims that Carone has made in public statements and on professional postings have been disputed.
The 33-year-old mother of two told Michigan lawmakers she has “two degrees.” According to her LinkedIn page, one degree is from the University of Michigan at Dearborn, where officials say they have no record of anyone with her name being enrolled.
Asked about the discrepancy, Carone said in an interview, “I do not have a bachelor’s degree. . . . I am about four classes away from it.” She declined to name the school, saying, “I don’t want them to get harassed.”
Carone also testified in Lansing that she worked at and was later laid off by Ford Motor Company. A spokesman for the company said she has never been employed there. Carone told The Post that she worked as a contractor and pointed to a “Certificate of Recognition” displayed on her LinkedIn page that she said was issued by Ford.
A Ford official told The Post that the certificate was issued by a different company, and that Ford could not discuss its contractors.

Meanwhile, because this is 2020 and no story about a conspiracy theory-loving Trump supporter is complete without a healthy dose of covid-19 denial, the Washington Post also reports that Carone is refusing to get tested for covid-19, despite being in close proximity to plague rat Rudy Giuliani last week:

In a phone interview Tuesday from her home in the Detroit suburbs, Carone told The Washington Post that she was living her life normally and had no plans to change that. She said she was unaware of the health advisory and was not worried about contracting the virus.
“I would take it seriously if it came from Trump, because Trump cares about American lives,” Carone said, adding that if television networks friendly to Trump such as One America News or Newsmax “told me to go get tested, I would do it.”
“It is not that I don’t believe in getting tested. I don’t trust the tests,” Carone said.

While Carone doesn’t trust the covid-19 tests, she does believe that, as she put it in a recent interview with the highly credible news website SarahPalin dot com, that “the Obamas funded that Wuhan lab to make COVID.”

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