Andie MacDowell Wants to See More Interesting Older Broads On Screen


Andie MacDowell has been a fixture in Hollywood since the 1980s, and, at 61, she’s seen how much the industry discounts older women. “Most roles are written around thirty-year-olds. They don’t explore the life of mature people,” she tells Jezebel. “We’re somebody’s mother or grandmother. Every once in a while we get lucky and we’re an interesting mother or grandmother.”

In her new film Ready or Not (currently in theaters), it’s the former. MacDowell plays Becky Le Domas, the matriarch of an extremely wealthy family. Becky has both an undying love for her son and a fierce determination to murder her future daughter-in-law on the couple’s wedding night.

In our interview, MacDowell talks about her Ready or Not character (describing her as “an evilly empathetic person”), aging (and being asked about aging), and how film has changed since MeToo and Time’s Up.

Watch the video above.

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