Andrew Tate’s ‘War Room’ Apparently Teaches Men How to Talk Their Wives & Girlfriends Into Sex Work

A former member described the chatroom as a place that tells men to “use,” “abuse,” and “manipulate” women, according to Rolling Stone.

Andrew Tate’s ‘War Room’ Apparently Teaches Men How to Talk Their Wives & Girlfriends Into Sex Work
Photo:Alexandru Dobre (AP)

Since I first learned about Andrew Tate’s existence and influence last year, each subsequent time I’ve heard his name has revealed a new layer of his awfulness. Romanian authorities, who have kept him in jail since late December, seem to agree, and denied him bail on Tuesday. Less than 24 hours later, Rolling Stone released an exposé on the self-proclaimed misogynist and influencer, detailing even more of his horrific actions, which (perhaps predictably) involve indoctrinating men and exploiting women. Just when I thought this man couldn’t get any more vile, here we are. Let’s dig in.

Prior to his arrest, Tate allegedly used the War Room—a social network and Telegram channel that costs $5,000 to join (yes, you read that right)—to exploit women he’s never even met. He’s apparently been able to convince group members to talk their wives and girlfriends into doing online sex work for the men’s own financial gain. One former War Room member said in a vlog review that the organization teaches you how to become a “pimping guy who looks down on women, uses them and abuses them and manipulates them to get from them what he wants.” Yup, sounds about right.

But it doesn’t stop at mind games and manipulation. A screengrab obtained by Rolling Stone also shows members being instructed on how to act in front of the cameras they’ve coerced their partners into performing in front of. Directions include things like: “Breathe it on her neck, in her ear as she’s cumming.” (Though it’s not entirely clear what “it” refers to, and I 1000% do not want to know.)

Another feature of the War Room is helping its members escape the “matrix,” advising them to obtain as many fake passports as possible so that they can run from the law with ease. However, I must ask, if Tate was good enough at dodging authorities to teach his acolytes how to do so, then why oh why has he been unable to finesse his way out of detainment? (The “matrix” is a jumbled, broad-based conspiracy theory Tate came up with, though it just sounds like the godawful simulation we’re currently in—and as long as Tate himself is out of commission, then I’m staying put.)

Of course, Tate’s reps have completely denied all the bullshit that’s gone down in the War Room. It is a “legitimate online community that encourages people to better themselves physically, mentally and financially,” a spokesperson told Rolling Stone. “While the room has made any and all efforts to inform its members on the legal avenues, it does not hold itself responsible for the illegal pursuits of its members, if such endeavors ever existed in the first place,” they alleged. That last clause there is doing a lot of heavy lifting.

Since his arrest, women who supposedly know Tate have come forward, calling for his release and denying that he ever abused them. Unsurprisingly, court documents including phone transcripts contradict these claims, confirming that these cries for Tate’s liberation were scripted and, in a deeply depressing form of irony, coerced.

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