​Angelina Jolie Has Been Named an Honorary Dame by Queen Elizabeth II

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In light of her work fighting against sexual assault in war zones, UN Special Envoy (who also acts from time to time) Angelina Jolie was included on Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday Honours list this year. Of course, given that she’s American and not a citizen of the commonwealth, she can’t technically go by the badass sounding “Dame Angelina Jolie,” (damn you American Revolution) but the honor is still quite the accomplishment. I mean if I have to include the word “Honorary” in the title just to call her Dame Angelina, I will. Upon receiving the honor, Jolie responded:

“…To receive an honor related to foreign policy means a great deal to me, as it is what I wish to dedicate my working life to.”

More than a thousand people were recognized for various accomplishments this year. That’s some fine company there, Honorary Dame Angelina Jolie. [AP]

Laverne Cox is “managing to find time to date” and is currently seeing someone. (It’s not Tyson Beckford as far as I know—I just LOVE the above pic) She told E!:

“I’m seeing someone but we haven’t defined what we’re doing,” Cox explained, adding, “We’re just enjoying each other’s company and having a very good time and laughing together and supporting each other.”

Also I could listen to her talk about love all day:

“But I do believe in love,” she said. “I very much believe in love. I want to be in love and in a partnership with a man…I see myself in love and in a fierce partnership with someone who loves and respects me.”

I need a Q-tip because a whole tissue seems like a waste to wipe the single tear rolling down my face. Thank you Laverne. And thank you for the Laverne/Tyson online fiction fodder. [E!]

Jason Momoa, aka Hawaiian Jesus, will be playing Aquaman in the upcoming Batman/Superman/Le Sigh movie. I’m actually looking forward to watching the trainwreck that is the brothers Warner trying their hand at Aquaman. Looks like it’s time to finally cash in on the under-utilized sexy eco-warrior-who-always-gets-the-short-end-of-the-stick hunk trope. [IGN]

  • Rebel Wilson is miffed that the now-cancelled ‘Super Fun Night’ wasn’t submitted for an Emmy nomination. Me too. [Just Jared]
  • You guyz, Taylor Swift‘s shoulder is done being there for Selena Gomez to cry on every time she’s off again with Justin Bieber! Yo Tay, you want some guacamole for that chip!? OOOOOOOOOH. (My sad existence is my hype crew.) Also for the record, it is perfectly reasonable for Taylor Swift to be fed up with Selena + Justin. [Hollywood Life]
  • Nicole Richie‘s hair is blue now. It used to be purple. According to my mood ring color chart, that means she’s “normal” or “relaxed” or maybe “cool” or “lovable”? I CAN’T TELL I THINK IT’S BROKEN. [Just Jared]
  • Sky Ferreira went on a Brazilian talk show and there was a translator involved and it was awkward and then she was asked if people liked her because of her “tits” or her music. Jesus H. Christ on a bike what the fuck. [Uproxx]
  • Jenna Fischer and husband Lee Kirk announced the birth of their daughter Harper Marie Kirk. AW. [Pop Sugar]
  • Evelyn Lozada bought her daughter one of those ridiculous safari jeep-looking Mercedes Benz SUVs for her 21st birthday. LOL $114K NBD. [Bossip]
  • Clint Eastwood doesn’t feel the need to be in front of a camera so much, but he will return to acting “if the role is right.” Anybody got any roles for an angry old white male character? Angry ol’ white man anyone? [Inquisitr]
  • Carla Laemmle, dancer and silent film actress who appeared in The Phantom of the Opera (1925) and Dracula (1931), passed away at 104. [LA Times]
  • Jason Biggs apologized (again) to Tara Reid for making unfavorable comments about her body but also took the time to enlighten her to fact that tabloids are making a “spectacle” out of the “made-up” for their own benefit. Watch out, we got a real Guy Debord over here. [Contact Music]
  • Turns out Annie Golden, who plays Red’s silent but dangerous (if you count apple seeds as dangerous) right hand woman Norma on Orange is the New Black, used to be quite the power pop rock star in the late 70s and early 80s Brooklyn music scene. But her biggest hit came in 1984 with “Hang Up the Phone,” featured on the Sixteen Candles soundtrack. CHECK IT OUT! [Uproxx]

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