Angry Young Owl Surprises Some Nice Suburban Housewives


This is what the world has come to: The evil marshmallow sacks known formally as owls are no longer content to attack humans in the wild. Instead, these tiny balls of clawed terror are showing up on doorsteps to demand sacrifice, fuck up your home and remind you that you may be at the top of the food chain but an owl can still claw your shit to pieces.

If you’re not frightened of owls, I suggest you watch this video and remind yourself that even the cutest owls are vicious predators that are the size of small puppies. But the scariest part may not be the clawing and screeching, it may just be the cute way they look at you as they’re contemplating their kill. What adorable little murderers. Thank god they can’t pull this shit in apartment buildings. (NO ONE LOOK THAT UP!)

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