Anna Wintour Kills Miley Cyrus Vogue Cover After Twerking-Gate

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You might be surprised to learn that Anna Wintour is not a twerking enthusiast. She’s cut Miley Cyrus off the cover of the December issue of Vogue, despite a completed photoshoot with Cyrus, because diddling yourself with a foam finger is apparently off-brand.

Says a source: “Anna found the whole thing distasteful. She decided, based on Miley’s performance, to take the cover in a different direction.” Which is kind of hilarious, considering that in 2009 Cyrus once spoke at length about being “embarrassed” by the sexy, sexxy sexxxuality of her Annie Leibovitz-shot backless photograph in the magazine. Sunrise, sunset, y’alls. On the other hand, Gossip Cop refutes the story. [NYDN, USA Today, Daily Mail ]

In other Miley news, she performed on the German TV show Schlagg Den Raab with an all-little-person backup band. [Daily Mail]

Jennifer Love Hewitt and her fiancee Brian Hallisay got into a Scuffle Light with paparazzi outside the Brentwood restaurant where they’d been diningOne cameraman claims that Hallisay hit him in the eye, and then “Jen — who is pregnant — felt so bad she let the photog snap a few more pics.” Here’s my baby bump. Sorry about your eye. You can also catch my simulated handjobs on Lifetime’s Jennifer Love Hewitt Simulated Handjob Programme. [TMZ]

A woman named Christine Leroux has claimed to be the biological mother of Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson. She asserts that she and Michael Jackson were friends since his Jackson Five days, and he used her eggs along with the surrogate mothers of his choosing. She has flown to L.A. to “pursue visitation and guardianship” of the Jackson kids.

“I want to establish a relationship with them and be allowed to monitor their religious and academic education as well as the disciplinary techniques used in raising them and to know who the people are who influence them.” Gah, those kids have been through enough. [Radar Online]

Thandie Newton is pregnant with Baby #3; Flirting remains one of the most fun movies ever. [People]

  • Here’s DMX running naked down a hotel hallway for no reason. Arf?. [TMZ]
  • That’s So Raven actor Orlando Brown got 180 days in prison for a DUI. [TMZ]
  • Lady Gaga wore a nightmarish mask around New York. [TMZ]
  • Gia Allemand was on the phone with her mother when she hanged herself. So fucking awful. [People]
  • Prince Andrew got “busted” and frisked at Buckingham Palace before proving he was actually Prince Andrew and not Eddie Murphy trading places with Prince Andrew. [Radar Online]
  • Teresa and Joe Giudice’s fraud trial has been pushed back until 2014. [In Touch]
  • Am I the only person who cringes when they read a headline like “The Slit We Can’t Stop Talking About?” [People]
  • Kate Winslet has a baby in her that is now visible. [E!]
  • Simon Cowell moved Lauren Silverman into a $26,500 a MONTH (urgh) Park Avenue joint and the neighbors are annoyed, like that part in Sex and The City where Samantha’s neighbors hate her and that one cranky old woman is like “I can’t close my left eye!” [NYDN]
  • Pharrell Williams is writing on One Direction’s next album. “I’m sure it will excite our female fans if we’re on a record together.” Qream is a sophisticated liqueur for the modern-day woman and her court of friends. [Ocean Up]
  • Tom Wolfe once wanted to be a baseball player. Then he found out you couldn’t wear natty white suits on the field and he was like PAYCE. [Page Six]
  • Eminem’s gone full Joaquin. Someone call an exorcist. [NYDN]
  • New York isn’t psyched about Bruno Mars performing at the next Superbowl halftime show, because we hate everything. [NYDN]
  • Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift are teaming up to fight crime. I mean to jump on the stomach of a man who hired them on Craigslist to do so. I mean to write a song. [NYDN]
  • At the Alexander Wang Fashion Week party, Rihanna told a fan who wanted a photo: “I am just chilling, I am too fucked up and drunk, no pictures.” Which is the same thing I say to mailmen, my breakfast sandwiches, etc. [NYDN]
  • Today in Fanfic Or Real Life, Ian McKellen officiated Patrick Stewart’s wedding. [Us Weekly]
  • The Good Wife (and Dead Poets Society, HELLO) actor Josh Charles got married. [E!]
  • Britney Spears in a bikini for the video shoot for her new (needs a comma?) song “Work Bitch.” [E!]
  • Jennifer Aniston is in a Gritty New Movie. [Us Weekly]
  • And furthermore, Phoebe/Rachel/Monica reunion. [Life & Style]
  • Ariana Grande (who is massively charming in this clip) and Jimmy Fallon doing jazzy Broadway rap songs is pretty great. [Gossip Cop]
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