Another Day, Another Dollar, Another Virgin Auctioning Off Her Maidenhead

Alina Percea has become the latest virgin auctioning off to the highest bidder the experience of fucking her never-fucked pussy. At least this one isn’t claiming it’s a feminist act.

Alina, who moved from Romania to Germany with a cousin two months ago, initially said that she wanted the money for college. Except then it turns out she never graduated from high school — due, I’m sure in no small part, to the willingness of some of her former teachers to give interviews that she’s a slut who has slept around a lot. So now she’s got a new plan.

“My family is very poor,” she said.
“I had to finish school at 17 because I couldn’t afford to stay there. My father is a street repair man and my mother doesn’t work and I have a 16-year-old sister, and brothers aged six and 12 who are still at school.
“I will use the money to go back to Romania, where it will help support my family.
“I will finish school and then go to university so I can get a job working for the police, in the commissioner’s office. I want to get a good job so my sister and brothers will be able to finish school.”

She got the idea from Feminist Auctioneer Natalie Dylan, and thought it was just fantastic — and even though she says she doesn’t care about losing her virginity to a man that would pay for sex, she’s horribly offended that anyone would suggest she’s not a virgin. So she got yet another gynecological exam to prove that she’s a virgin, and the German auctioneer has reinstated her auction.

She’s got a plan for how this is all going to go, by the way. She thinks she might fall in love, which is, I’m sure, what every man willing to pay $75,000 to fuck a virgin wants to hear.

“I’d like us to go away to a hotel for a weekend and to meet up and talk first, so I feel comfortable with him before we go to a room together.”
Romantic Alina added hopefully: “I will see how we get along. But if we like each other, perhaps we will continue to see each other after the first night.”

She doesn’t say whether that will be before or after she returns to Romania with her cash money for her family, though. Actually, reading her thoughts on her virginity auction, I’m starting to have a grudging respect for Natalie Dylan, who at least makes no bones about the fact that she just doesn’t give a shit.

And if you weren’t convinced that this girl should get a little bit more educated before auctioning off her virginity, here’s the kicker.

Shockingly the teen says she is even prepared to have sex without condoms if the winning bidder prefers not to use them.
She said: “If the man does not want to use preservatives, then I’m prepared to do it without them. But he must provide a full medical certificate to prove he is free from all STDs.
“If I have sex without a condom I will take the morning after pill afterwards, as I do not want to become pregnant.”

Because, of course, a medical certificate means he didn’t catch one last night, or last week, and you can definitely feel safe with the type of man that will pay $75,000 to fuck a really eager and not particularly well-educated virgin. And the morning after pill, well, that’s total “preparation” to do without condoms. Good plan!

In any case, I’m sure there’s nothing hinky whatsoever about a poor family sending their 18-year-old daughter, virgin or not, to Germany with a cousin and her husband for “work” where she randomly “decides” to auction off said virginity for the sake of helping all her relatives back home. Nope. Doesn’t smell like sex trafficking at all.

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