Are These Saturday Night Live's Newest Cast Members?


While there has been no official announcement, Deadline is reporting that comedians Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennet, John Milhiser and Noël Wells will likely be joining Saturday Night Live as featured players for the show’s 39th season. All four are or have been performers at the Upright Citizens Brigade, the improv and sketch theater founded by Amy Poehler.

Kyle Mooney is based in Los Angeles where he performs with sketch group Good Neighbor. He has also appeared on Parks and Recreation and Sports Show with Norm Macdonald. Stylistically, he comes from the aggressively uncomfortable, Galafiankian (yes, I just made that up) school of comedy that the kids are so into these days. Well done, Mr. Mooney. Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs salute you.

Beck Bennett is also on sketch team Good Neighbor. He is most recognizable, however, from those annoying AT&T commercials with the little kids that are basically just a less cute version of this. We won’t hold that against him.

John Milhiser lives in Los Angeles, but also performs with NYC-based sketch group Serious Lunch.

Noël Wells is the only woman among the new cast members. She lives in Los Angeles where she performs sketch comedy and is a known talented impressionists (impressionists — so hot right now).

Congratulations to the new cast members who will hopefully bring something new and exciting to the show. Still, there is one thing that seems to be missing…

[Vine via Liza Dye]


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