Ask a Trans Woman

In Depth

Feel free to ask me anything. There are no stupid questions. If I feel something is inappropriate or offensive, I’ll let you know without jumping all over you for it. Be aware though that any answers I give will come with caveats.

I’m a trans woman, I cannot really speak for trans men, although I can relate what I’ve heard or what I’ve been told. I’m entirely binary, so I cannot really speak for the genderqueer, third gender, or non gender individuals, although I admit to having fairly strong opinions on the differences between gender identity, gender expression, and gender roles. I cannot really speak about trans women of color who have intersectional issues I simply do not. And finally, there is no trans narrative. There are a myriad of multiple trans narratives. Mine has similarities with others, but it is not the end all, be all of trans narratives, nor should it ever be thought of so. In fact, in many ways I am extremely atypical of trans women.

You may fire when ready.

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