Astrologer Susan Miller Takes A Closer Look At Prince William & Kate


Though she already shared some thoughts about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement, at our request, frighteningly accurate astrologer Susan Miller has gone more in-depth!

Below, you’ll find Susan Miller’s official forecast for the royal couple, as well as some notes about the queen. For the tl;dr among you, here’s a summary:

  • Prince William is a Cancer and Kate Middlteon is a Capricorn. It’s not just a good match, its a “divine connection.”
  • Both of their charts show an emphasis on travel, learning about other cultures and in helping those who have been overlooked, especially in impoverished areas.
  • The similarities in their charts mean they’re generally on the same page, share the same goals and values, and energize each other. Kate will be helpful to Prince William, but not a passive partner — she’s strong and at times, outspoken.
  • On December 21, an eclipse could signal something pretty big affecting this couple. The Queen may step down, or there will be some kind of change. William should watch his health, and stay out of helicopters.

A more detailed outline begins below!

Prince William and Kate Middleton

By Susan Miller

William: June 21, 1982 (Cancer)

Kate: January 9, 1982 (Capricorn)

Is this dazzlingly attractive couple compatible? Yes! Prince William is Cancer, and Kate is a Capricorn, and signs six months apart complete one another in a way that other combinations cannot. It is a divine connection and one that is likely to bring happiness for a very long time if not forever.

Kate’s time of birth is unknown, but we do know that Prince William has Sagittarius rising (making him equal parts Cancer/ Sagittarius, because the rising sign (also called an ascendant, is equal in importance to the Sun sign.)

This couple both deeply value home and family, for remarkably both were born with the moon in Cancer. Many of Kate’s planets fall in Prince William’s house of personality — his first house — and so Kate makes her man feel revitalized and vibrant.

On her former My Space page, Kate said she was undecided about having children, but if she becomes wed to Prince William, it’s hard to imagine how she’d would be able to avoid having at least one. This is especially true considering Kate was born with a highly fertile moon in Cancer, considered one of the best places for pregnancy. People with the moon in Cancer make ideal parents, and both William and Kate have this placement. She is young, and her current waffling about motherhood so this may explain their long courtship.

In both charts there is an enormous emphasis on international travel and global relationships, and when they are together this energy gets fueled even more There is a real intellectual interest in learning about other cultures and in helping those who have been overlooked, especially in impoverished areas. This is not mere window dressing — this is a passionate concern.

Kate’s Jupiter (planet of gifts and luck) falls at the very top of Prince William’s chart, so she enhances his work and his reputation quite a bit. They are comfortable together and in their relationship there is a real meeting of the minds and heart.

Both William and Kate have Mars in Libra, the sign of marriage and collaboration. That’s unusual that they have this similarity, considering William is a Cancer and Kate, a Capricorn. Kate is actually six months older than William, so it’s nearly impossible for two people born six months apart, within the same year, to have Mars in the same sign.

This could only happen because Mars was retrograde in a 1982, so Mars stayed in Libra an unusually long time and this explains this rarity. However, Mars rules sexuality and the ability to be assertive, so it would not have been good if either Kate or William had Mars retrograde (in weak position), but remarkably-and this is astounding — neither do! They both managed to be born at the right time, escaping that possibility!

Kate and William have a strong, energetic Mars, so this tells us that they are an action-oriented couple. The fact that Mars is in the same sign adds a deep mutual understanding between them, and allows them to have similar priorities-they will always be in sync in terms of thinking and actions. Having Mars in the same sign adds a spark of sexiness that they will always share. They really do energize one another.

The north and south nodes in a chart are mathematical points said to reveal one’s true purpose — Kate’s Sun conjuncts William’s south node and her moon conjoins his north node. There’s a deep and abiding partnership going on with these two-she is quite the helpmate to him. She’d be a strong and at times, outspoken partner, not a passive one, but their discussions will always be private, not played out in the media.

William was born a Cancer, one of the four cardinal signs. Cardinal signs are considered to be pioneers. He was born on zero degrees Cancer. That is considered the most forceful and energetic degree when found in Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra that it is said to symbolize the very life force. Out of a circle of 360 degrees, there are only four chances of being born with the Sun at this critical degree), and Prince William has it. This shows that he will certainly surprise the world with his plans to improve it. He will stop at nothing to see his plan to completion.

William and Kate’s Venus signs are not perfectly compatible, but there are contacts between the two that make up for that. Her natal Venus, planet of love, is found in Aquarius is in perfect “trine” —-a heavenly aspect—-to William’s Mars, and that translates into a very sexy, sparkling interaction that denote lots of physical compatibility. Her Jupiter is almost the exact degree of his Mars, an aspect that will again add to his public image. She will never embarrass him-in fact, so supportive will she be that she seems almost born for her coming role.

Prince William’s Venus, planet of love, is in a slightly wide trine her Sun, another lovely interplay between the two charts-there is a lot of affectionate feelings going on between these two.

What’s going on with Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth is 82 and so far has shown no signs of being ready to give up the monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926, with the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, the moon, Neptune and Saturn, all in fixed signs. People, like Queen Elizabeth, who were born with fixed signs prominent in the chart (that is, in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio), tend to be no-nonsense types who rigidly stick to their goals. They make excellent leaders-they are steadfast, strong, confident, and fair but they really don’t like to give up their roles. They tend to stay well past the age of retirement. Kate is an earth sign too, a Capricorn, so she will get along well with Queen Elizabeth, or as well as anyone born outside the royal family could ever hope to attain.

One can only wonder how long Queen Elizabeth will or can be the Queen of England, but until Prince William is married, it seems unlikely she will give up her title. As you will see below, I feel that a change is due on or soon after the eclipse December 21, 2010, so we may not have to wait too long to find out!

Why did William pop the question to Kate now?

On June 21, 2009, at age 27, Prince William had his progressed Venus (love) conjoin his natal progressed moon, and that is the precise degree of his Sun. This is a lovely-and most likely — time for any young man in love to get engaged. If he had missed this moment, it might have been years until the right moment would have arrived again. Kate’s chart shows her progressed moon was in sweet angle to Jupiter on June 21, 2009, a time of enormous happiness and fulfillment. I feel Prince William didn’t just pop the question — there have been long discussions about this for months.

On July 7, 2009, there was a major lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn, the precise degrees of Kate’s natal Sun at birth, and the most significant eclipse she’s had since 2001. This eclipse was to start the ball rolling, for it was to bring a huge event in Kate’s life — eclipses are among the most powerful the universe uses to affect change.

Then this past summer, on June 25, 2010, the prince had still another eclipse of the moon on his Sun, and it seems to me that the Queen must have become very insistent that Prince William plan an engagement or break up. There was enormous pressure on the Prince at that birthday.

On December 21, 2010, there will be a very difficult total eclipse of the moon opposite the precise degree of Prince William’s Sun. This family seems to do everything under an eclipse — (see notes below) — so something seems to be up on this very important eclipse. He must watch his health at this time, and I would recommend that he not fly in rescue helicopters at the time.

It has been shown that most of us marry a mate who is a member of the zodiac sign of one of our parents. Kate’s father was a Cancer, born on June 23, two days from Prince William’s birthday, so this is remarkable, and shows Prince William to be truly The One.

The December 21, 2010 lunar eclipse will be an enormously important turning point for Prince William for another reason, for it could propel him not only into marriage but also into his new role as King either immediately or quickly, within months. This could be the moment Queen Elizabeth leaves her role as Queen.

Not only will this eclipse bring vast changes to Prince William, but being 28 ½ years old, at the very same time he will be experiencing his “Saturn return”, that is, the return of Saturn to the place it was when he was born. In astrology this is considered one of the most important moments in one’s life.

It takes 28.5 years for Saturn to journey through every house of the horoscope (or said another way, to revolve around the Sun, through all 12 zodiac constellations). Saturn rules maturity and in astrology during our Saturn return (age 28.5 to 29.5) we reach full maturity-and not at age 21 which society says is our age of maturity.

At 28.5 or 29, we make at least one big commitment, one that later allows us to stabilize our lives and to make us feel more mature. At this age we make a commitment cannot be easily “undone” and that’s good because we wouldn’t want it to be. We crave stability and Saturn sees to it that we create it. Saturn’s job is to teach us the need to set up sturdy foundations for the future.

During the ages 28-29, nearly everyone goes through powerful rite of passage where we make a powerful commitment to another person or do something very important that will stay in place for decades, if not forever. Prince William will see himself in a new light this winter, and others will view him differently too. He will feel more grown up than ever before, and he will, at last, be ready for bigger responsibilities.

Everyone, at age 28.5 to 29.5 experiences a Saturn return, so ask friends and relatives what decision they made at that time. As you see, the point on or just after December 21, 2010 and the whole year of 2011 will be critically important to Prince William.

What is it about eclipses and the royal family?

I mentioned earlier the important role eclipses have played in this family’s life. Eclipses always are either new moons (those are solar eclipses) or full moons (those are always lunar eclipses). Typically there are four eclipses in a year, always arriving in pairs, six months apart. (The pairs arrive on the new moon and full moon, two weeks apart, and then not again for nearly six months.) New moons signify fresh starts, and full moons generally bring endings or culminations.

Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana was married on an eclipse July 29, 1981 – (a solar eclipse arrived July 31, only two days later).

One year later, Princess Diana had her first-born son directly on the day of a solar eclipse (William) June 21, 1982, and solar eclipses are always associated with royalty.

Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997, just hours prior to the full moon lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse points to a major change concerning a woman, for lunar events are always point to a prominent female.

Being that eclipses come by rarely, this powerful emphasis on eclipses in the Royal family’s recent history has been nothing short of extraordinary. I can only imagine more eclipses will be needed to get this pair married and Prince William coroneted.

Here is more extraordinary news. Prince William was born on a solar eclipse, but amazingly, Kate Middleton was also born directly on a lunar eclipse! New moons and full moons are powerful in their own right but eclipses have the power of three or four of those rolled into one. Solar eclipses are always associated with power, leadership and with royalty, and Prince William was born precisely on the day of a solar eclipse.

In many ways, eclipses point to destiny points, so it’s interesting to imagine how this couple will imprint their dreams and contributions to others on this planet. As my report shows, we won’t have to wait too long!

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