At Least These Two Are Having Fun

At Least These Two Are Having Fun
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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have had a busy year. First they were going to break up, and then they didn’t, and instead they got engaged. They’ve both continued their work as hosts and “coaches” on The Voice, and sometimes, they are known to camp out at Shelton’s Oklahoma compound. They’re getting married! They’re in love! Just look at them.

On Instagram Stories, Gwen Stefani shared a video from their Thanksgiving together Sunday night, because that’s when Thanksgiving happened. After she informed viewers that they had to be back at work Monday, Shelton chugged a bottle of wine, as a “joke,” and then immediately choked on it.


While her husband choked, Stefani assured fans that he was “totally faking,” while in the background, the faint sounds of church bells and Christmas music could be heard.

Anyways, haha! That’s the noise I make when I laugh at funny videos like this. These two are hilarious—they should get a standup special or something. Not to mention, they will likely be the only couple to make it through the pandemic without a hefty serving of divorce papers. What motivation they are to heterosexual married people everywhere! Especially the ones who dropped out of a ska band and married a country music star they met on a primetime network competition singing show. No love story is more American than that.

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