Bad Girls Club: The Epitome Of Girl-On-Girl Crime


Last night’s episode of Bad Girls Club was a vivid – and disturbing – reminder of the lengths to which some women will go to attack others.

While in Mexico, some of the Bad Girls entered a “wet body contest” and became enraged after losing to a local woman. Most wanted to leave the club immediately, but one girl was still inside, dancing and having fun. This pissed them off even more, and they beat the shit out of her.

This show has a strange way of completely reeling me in emotionally. I mean, I love the trashiness and some of the drama, but the behaviors on display often truly disgust me. And I’m not talking about the drunkenness, or the sex, or the flashing, or the incorrect use of words. I’m talking about the cruelty inflicted by females on other females, whether those women are familiar roommates or strangers they encounter while out on the town.

Listen, I don’t believe that all women have to get along – or even like – one another. But there needs to be some kind of rationale for so publicly (and violently) attacking another person. Not with these women: Their immaturity and cruelty CAME out in full force when they saw another female not only having a good time but rising above caring what others think. What’s most disturbing to me is that not only did these abusers gloat about their actions the next day, some of them continue to do so, as evidenced by their Oxygen blogs.

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