Bear Eats Everything in Bakery Except One Terrible Pie


A Coloradan bear broke into a bakery, ate 24 cherry pies, 14 apple pies, several bags of cocoa and one bag of sugar. In other words, this bear is living its truth and I respect the hell out of it.

This bear, however, isn’t needy and wouldn’t settle for whatever pie he/she could get his/her hands on. This bear has a discerning, sophisticated palate:

“Cherry and apple was his favorite. He passed over the strawberry rhubarb,” said Kristi Lehnert, owner of the Colorado Cherry Co. “Maybe he wasn’t feeling like a tart pie, I guess.”

The Guardian reports:

During his late-night feast, he avoided being caught on tape as the surveillance cameras inside the pie shop are pointed away from the room he invaded and towards the freezer – home to many more pies – which he left untouched. He avoided that area and left through he window he entered.
The morning following the break-in, Lehnert and her mother found the mess he left behind and two pie boxes in the yard.

“I’m looking for servers, so maybe if he wants to come back, because that’s talent to get two pies into the back yard,” said Lehnert.

Aren’t we all, deep down, Colorado Pie Bear?

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