Behind The Scenes With Britney Spears And Terry Richardson


In this behind-the-scenes video from her Candie’s campaign, Britney Spears does a pretty good job pretending to actually wear the clothes, which she pronounces “very fitting.” Terry Richardson says, “This, for me, is one of my like, all-time exciting moments.”

Richardson shoots Spears dressed in a bikini, posed against a plain white wall — the better to be “organic” and “natural,” in his words — and holding a variety of comically oversized props, for that full The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit effect.

Leibovitz has Spears sit for a classic Annie Leibovitz portrait — there’s your greige background, your wooden stool on which the subject perches, your tousled hair, and your soft, directionless light. Snooze. Seliger goes for an over-the-top, set that’s supposed to look like a dressing room at the Folies Bergère, if the Folies Bergère were located in a gigantic womb. “I like the idea of a French burlesque idea,” he says.

Meanwhile, Spears enjoys the downtime between takes from the comfort of her trailer, which has been “Candie-ized — literally, with candy,” points out a brand representative. Also, Britney gets a D.J. “Most of the time he does a lot of hip-hop, which I can really get down with,” she explains.

Welcome to My Candie’s [Britney Spears] [YouTube]

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