Bennifer Has Risen?!

Bennifer Has Risen?!
Image:Darren McCollester (Getty Images)

Like the giant phoenix that ripples across the lats, traps, and delts of Ben Affleck’s weary yet muscular back, a love that once was is (maybe, I don’t know) rising from the ashes.

Page Six brings me the one bit of joy I’ve felt this week: It seems that Jennifer Lopez has been receiving ex-fiancé Ben Affleck in the days following her split from Alex Rodriguez. No real details exist except for some paparazzi photos and speculation, but at this juncture, I will get loud for this possible love, even if the “love” in question is just a little afternoon delight 😉

Here are some details:

Affleck has been spotted multiple times going to J.Lo’s home during the day, we hear.
The Oscar winner has been seen being picked up in a white Escalade SUV that allegedly belongs to Lopez, and then taken to her nearby mansion.
While the pair have not been spotted together, a source told Page Six, “Security picks him up at a nearby location and drops him off after spending a few hours at her house.”

These dalliances are purely friendly, insists the source, clarifying that Ben and Jen have been friends since their split in 2004. Another source makes an excellent point: “ “When you’re that famous, who are you going to talk to? People who you know, other famous people.” Fair. Both Ben and Jen are famous people who have known recent heartbreak, and both are of the age where relationships don’t have to be Relationships, but can be a more easy-going, liminal, “your place or mine, or I guess we’ll just fuck in the Escalade and then get salads” kind of thing. I don’t know anything beyond what I’m seeing here in these paparazzi photos, and honestly, it’s not much: just Ben Affleck with a backpack, going into a hotel where he’s parked his car, after spending “a few hours” at Jennifer Lopez’s home to do who knows what.

If we are forced to contend with the most hideous of Y2K’s fashion coming back into action, then I welcome with open arms the return of Y2k-era celebrity tabloid romance, if that’s what this is.

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