Beyoncé Doesn't Need a Stupid Earpiece and Other Musical Moments from Today's Inauguration Ceremony


Such a pity — Senator Charles Schumer went on about the dome of the capitol only to have Beyonce sing the Star-Spangled Banner and blow the roof off the joint. And she wasn’t even inside! Yes, Bey was the star of the show (other than, you know, the President and Vice President) and deservedly so. Watch how she tears out her earpiece mid-song and proceeds perfectly like it’s no big thing. What a pro. Even Uncle Joe Biden was moved to make this face, whatever that means.

Kelly Clarkson also performed, singing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” with accompaniment by the United States Marine Band. Very patriotic!

James Taylor was there, too. The performance has been described as “pleasant” and “nice.”

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