Big Love: Pretending To Be Something You're Not


On last night’s episode, Alby continued to play it straight, except when behind closed doors, while Nicki attempted to shed Cara Lynn of her fundamentalist ways through a new wardrobe. But faking it isn’t easy or fun for anyone.

In one scene, Margene was watching TV with the kids, where some kind of minstrel show was on. While confusing and WTF at first, that little “cameo” began to make sense as the episode unfolded, and we watched how offensive it can be to: 1.) Be told what/who we are; 2.) Try to be something we’re not. Alby, obviously, has been going through some shit with his sexuality. And now that he’s met someone with whom he connects, things are about get more intense, particularly because both men are leading double lives due to the fact that they’ve been told that being gay (or “doing” gay) is sinful.

Despite what they’ve been taught about homosexuality, they still can’t quit each other. BTW, an afterlife without gay guys actually sounds like hell to me.

Guess what prop the show used again?

And now that Roman has been dug up out of the ground, he’s Six Feet Under.

You can’t help but think that Alby’s secret cell phone picture is going to come back to haunt him.

Meanwhile, Nicki took her daughter Cara Lynn to D.C. in an attempt to expose the girl to the secular world. Although Cara Lynn has shown an interest in getting an education and seeing the world, she didn’t like seeing how secular people see her.

Although Cara Lynn feels like a freak, for the most part, she’s just a normal teenager who’s confused, annoyed by her mother, and thinks that nobody understands her. The thing is, her mother understands her much more than Cara Lynn could ever know.

Did anyone see Frozen River? Actress Misty Upham is essentially playing the same exact role (a Native American in the doghouse with her tribe for smuggling shit over the Canadian boader).

You know what else is offensive? Pretending that this is Teenie when it’s totally not.

And with all this pretending going around, it’s nice to see someone keeping it real.

Oh, and then there was this. These complicated polygamist family trees are so twisted, it’s no wonder that the confusion lends itself so often to incest.

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