Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: Artisanal Queen and King of Instagram

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Subtitle: Lifestyle Website Proprietress is Determined to Teach Actor Husband How to ‘Gram; is Hashtag Happy.

What I mean to say is: Ryan Reynolds is (finally!) on Instagram—so far, lots of shots of him with motorcycles—where wife Blake Lively eagerly awaits to teach him the rules of the road, and to remind us all that he is Her Husband, bringing along her A-game flirt skills in the hashtag section with remarks that are either inside jokes between the couple or just random-ass ramblings that makes no sense to anyone. Either way, welcome, Van Wilder.

[Us Weekly]

If you’re looking to sell some magazines (and who isn’t these days, am I right?), look no further to cover girl Rihanna, who helped propel Harper Bazaar’s newsstand numbers this past March at a time when most glossies are struggling to stay afloat. That, and she went to a music studio at 3:30 AM…so hmm. [Just Jared]

Well this is no good: Sharon Osbourne is under serious medical duress. The Talk co-host is taking a month-long hiatus from work after suffering from ‘extreme exhaustion,’ accompanied by collapsing from mental and physical fatigue. It’s easy to play down that kind of stuff when everyone is expected to just grind 24/7 (and when ‘the grind’ is glorified in our culture), but you’ve got to take care of you first before anything else. Sending Mrs. Osbourne good vibes and a healthy recovery. [E!]

Drake’s emoji game is fierce. [Vibe]

•Here’s a very Atlas Shrugged-esque Entourage movie trailer. [Esquire]

•And a very Vin Diesel singing karaoke as homage to Paul Walker that will leave you…speechless, if that’s the right word. [Stuff New Zealand]

Bey, Jay, Italy. [PopSugar]

Jennifer Lopez feels sexier in her 40s than you do in your 20s. [Daily Mail]

•No one can accuse Jaden Smith of being dehydrated. [Just Jared]

Kylie Jenner and Tyga went to Monaco’s Grand Prix; are still supposedly not dating. [Huffington Post]

•Every woman Reese Witherspoon has a potentially broody teenage daughter; shops at the Gap and Sephora. [Daily Mail]

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