Blame Lamar Odom for Lamar Odom's Drug Problems, Not the Kardashians


Former NBA Lakers coach Phil Jackson has taken it upon himself to try to explain what’s going with Lamar Odom, but spoiler: he doesn’t know. So instead, Jackson has decided to speculate that Odom’s current state of who knows what’s going on is partially to blame on the Kardashian family, for enabling Odom’s addiction problems.

In an interview with The Seth Davis Show that will air Friday, Jackson said:

There’s always suspicion that Lamar’s gone off the edge in the summertime, and we’d always bring him in. You’ve got to stay true to your conditioning, we can’t monitor you, but you have to do something for yourself. We thought the Kardashian arrangement or marriage was a terrific thing for him because it was a family, it was structure, it was something that would give him support. Maybe it wasn’t.

First of all, LOL at “arrangement or marriage” – nice shade Phil. I guess you’ve definitely stayed in a few Sunday nights and watched the Kardashian specials where they’d pledge their everlasting love to one another, only to see it fall apart. But also, what? You had suspicions that Odom was having trouble with sobriety or staying in shape or what have you during the off-season and you decided to let your multi-million dollar commodity just handle his business himself? Yup, sounds like sports.

Then Jackson goes to admit that even though maybe the Kardashians weren’t giving Odom the help that he needed, the Laker family couldn’t do that for him either:

Everybody that’s been close to him, from my group…cannot get through to him. No one can get through to Lamar. Basically I think he threw his cell phone away. The guy that used to work for him that was kind of his guy, packed his clothes, drove his cars…he can’t get through to him. So he went into hibernation. We’re very concerned about it but I understand that things are looking up.

Here’s a little tip Phil: addiction is not the responsibility or fault of anyone around the person who is addicted. It’s not even the fault of the person who is addicted: they have a disease. Should their family and friends avoid enabling that person and work to help to keep them on the straight and narrow? Yes. But, according to AA, the first step an alcoholic or drug addicted person has to take on the road to recovery is to admit that they are “powerless” over that drug and that their life “had become unmanageable” while using it. I’m no Kardashian apologist, but addicts are notorious liars, desperate to keep the façade of their lives in order as their lives spin out of control, ignoring the help and hiding the truth from even the most involved family and friends. It’s Odom who is going to get his life back on track because he decides to do it, not Khloe, Kourtney, Kim or any of the other K’s.

Image via Mike Ehrmann/Getty

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