Blue Ivy Is Now Personally Teaching Me Science

Blue Ivy Is Now Personally Teaching Me Science
Image: (via Getty)

Cultural icon/celebrity child Blue Ivy, age 8, is better at informing the public about the dangers of covid-19 than several of our elected officials. This is not necessarily a surprise, but now we have video proof.

On Saturday, Tina Knowles posted an Instagram IGTV clip of Blue Ivy explaining the science behind and importance of soap in fighting a pandemic. I did not know this, because my brain pushed out everything I learned from Bill Nye the Science Guy in favor of memorizing every single bad rom-com from the early aughts, but soap literally repels dirt, germs, and apparently, black pepper.

Blue Ivy demonstrated this very nicely, filling a bowl with water and black pepper, and sticking a soap-covered finger right in it. What happened next will AMAZE you, provided you are me, and therefore science-illiterate:

Wash your hands, please, for me, for humanity, and for Blue Ivy, who should be protected at all costs.

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