Bob Filner, Sexual Harassing Mayor Barfstrodinaire, Pleads Guilty to Felony


The disgraced former mayor of Bob Filner — you know, the one who believed sexually harassing women was a major part of his mayoral duties (WHERE ARE THE 9-to-5 LADIES WHEN YOU NEED THEM?) — pleaded guilty to felony false imprisonment and two misdemeanor battery charges as part of a plea deal announced Tuesday.

According to Politico:

In court, supervising Deputy Attorney General Melissa Mandel described allegations that Filner used force to restrain one woman at a fundraiser, kissed a second woman on the lips without her consent at a “Meet the Mayor” event, and grabbed the buttocks of a third women, who was being photographed with him at a public event, against her will.

He’s due in court for sentencing on Dec. 9, and faces three years of probation and three months of “home confinement,” the loss of a partial year of his pension, and probationary requirements including mental health treatment. Uh, that’s all? Well, here’s hoping that mental health program lasts a complete two weeks, at the very fucking least.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris said “This conduct was not only criminal, it was also an extreme abuse of power. This prosecution is about consequence and accountability. No one is above the law.”


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